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Update info

  • 2016-01-29

    NEW: Switch language support.
    NEW: Show tips when first open page.
    NEW: Custom property for UIButton.
    NEW: Implement holasdk js in index file.

  • 2016-01-22

    UPDATE: Refresh events list when code editor closed.
    UPDATE: Save doc when switch portrait and landspace, then update screenscale.
    NEW: Add control of delete key for shape tree view.
    UPDATE: Update API documents.
    UPDATE: Allow elements located out of dialog range.

  • 2016-01-15

    FIXED: Issue of won't display border line when dialog selected.
    NEW: Allow setting grid line color when design.
    NEW: Allow group static rigid body, move static rigid body when more UIGroup.
    NEW: Add Z/X/C shortcus: Z: Create a element last created; X: Cut current selected element; C: Copy current selected element, then make it enter creating state.